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Some thoughts on James Turrell at the Guggenheim

More on James Turrell’s exhibition here: http://www.guggenheim.org/new-york/exhibitions/on-view/james-turrell

James Turrell’s exhibition at Guggenheim is both amazing and easy to ruin. He easily reminded me of Olafur Eliasson, one of my favorite contemporary artists, and so I was feeling some strange nostalgia. Each piece’s pristine state is fragile however, and the slightest touch or mark easily breaks the works of art apart. James Turrell’s work only appeals to me when I don’t know how it’s made or done. I’m happy in the mystery as I enjoy his art in its purest state. It’s difficult to feel this way when other people are overly curious (which they should be) and interrupt the art. I don’t know what Turrell’s intentions are and I can imagine that if I were a professional fine artist, I would want my viewers to act on their instincts as it shows both appreciation and involvement. However, as I was there as a visitor, I wanted to stay within my own world, to experience each piece selfishly and without distraction.

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The Armory Show 2013: Thoughts

I’ve been here for almost half a year. New York City has a high number of artists, both those who use the title as a job description and those who claim to be creative but have art as an accessory to self-image - the punks blend just as well as the tired-eyed conventionalists. There are the collectors, the experts and the amateurs, the people who love art and the people who love to deal in art. Sincerity mixes well with cynicism. I attended the Armory Show last weekend, my first art fair ever with a completely innocent eye. Now that I’m reflecting on it, I realize how much I want to maintain that innocence and how impossible that would be further down the line. 

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thoughts on Discovering Columbus

A couple of weeks ago, Columbus’ statue at Columbus Circle in New York City was covered with scaffolding and plain white wooden walls. From the outside, it looked like construction and even a few passer-bys had questioned if the statue needed restoration. This was Tatzu Nishi’s Discovering Columbus where after climbing several flights of stairs, Columbus was not viewed from below but up close inside a living room as if he were just a wealthy homeowner’s massive souvenir. I wrote a small little article of my thoughts several weeks ago but only just remembered to post it. I am aware that it is a little outdated considering the exhibition is over.

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a character analysis of Looper’s Joe

I saw Looper (2012) tonight. It’s a great, fun film and worth checking out. It did leave me thinking about certain things however, like exactly how logical the film was, or how logical time travel was within this film or even how logical the characters were.

Joe played by both Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the protagonist, and an extremely flawed one. At one point, his future self mocks his past self, calling him ‘kid’ and ‘stupid’ (seen in the promos, so not a spoiler). At first, it’s funny because he’s calling his past self an idiot, but it is true! Joe is an idiot. Both his past self and his future self are idiots. I still like Joe a lot, don’t get me wrong. In fact, he’s an excellent character because he is a failure, but many of the little loopholes in the film seemed to be explained by his idiocy and not by any problem of the film’s logic (more in the cut - spoilers!). I mean, time travel within the film is pretty muddled up, but the gaping holes that bothered me can definitely be filled. For anyone who has a problem with the film, I hope that this might cover some (not all) of those holes.

I really wanted the title of this to be ‘LOOPER’S JOE IS AN IDIOT’, but I realised how that could be badly misinterpreted as a negative review. It isn’t!

edit: Misspelled Cid. So sorry!

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elementary pilot review (spoilers)

It’s hard to make a proper review of Elementary without addressing BBC Sherlock as a comparison. It is unfair to both for several reasons, but I will say that Elementary has a great start and that Sherlock fans have nothing to worry about. Elementary is not a copy of Sherlock and it does not aim to imitate it. Elementary is aiming to be simply a difference adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. They are both set in modern times, and the two Holmes have been in the Frankenstein play but that’s basically where the similarities end.

too long/didn’t read: Elementary is browns and yellows, warmer colours. Sherlock is blues and greys, cooler colours.

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high hopes for Pixar’s Brave

I feel like I need to put in this disclaimer before I start this opinion: I love Pixar films. I buy their DVDs, their artbooks and I always see their films in the cinema. I think the art is beautiful, their stories touching and their characters compelling. It’s a near universal belief that Pixar makes good films and it’s a well-deserved belief.

When I first heard about Brave, I was equally excited. Oh, the trailer for that film! The flow of her hair! The threads on her dress! How that arrow moved! There is however, one thing that frightens me… (It’s a long article)

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