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high hopes for Pixar’s Brave

I feel like I need to put in this disclaimer before I start this opinion: I love Pixar films. I buy their DVDs, their artbooks and I always see their films in the cinema. I think the art is beautiful, their stories touching and their characters compelling. It’s a near universal belief that Pixar makes good films and it’s a well-deserved belief.

When I first heard about Brave, I was equally excited. Oh, the trailer for that film! The flow of her hair! The threads on her dress! How that arrow moved! There is however, one thing that frightens me… (It’s a long article)

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Here’s the new Brave teaser trailer! See it in HD on YouTube.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this film. I am disappointed in the whole firing Brenda Chapman bit, but at the same time I don’t know the full circumstances beyond ‘creative differences’ and I do trust Pixar enough to still produce a good film.

It would admittedly still have been awesome if this was a first female director for Pixar at the same time though - but she’ll still get co-created credit.

The animation looks beautiful - the horse moves like a horse, the grass is beautiful. Pixar has a thing for redheads hahahaha.

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