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elementary pilot review (spoilers)

It’s hard to make a proper review of Elementary without addressing BBC Sherlock as a comparison. It is unfair to both for several reasons, but I will say that Elementary has a great start and that Sherlock fans have nothing to worry about. Elementary is not a copy of Sherlock and it does not aim to imitate it. Elementary is aiming to be simply a difference adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. They are both set in modern times, and the two Holmes have been in the Frankenstein play but that’s basically where the similarities end.

too long/didn’t read: Elementary is browns and yellows, warmer colours. Sherlock is blues and greys, cooler colours.

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Living in the Moment: NYC Sherlockian Meet Up - We basically need 93 people LOL


So I looked at the site again and it states that there are 93 seats in the theater/stadium.

If we get a full house (which I really really hope we do..imagine NINTY-THREE SHERLOCKIANS. But yah, we’ll see haha), then most likely the price will be the $30 I listed before IF we want a Saturday.


I’m interested, but it depends on the Saturday/the date.

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